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This Organisation is memory of
"Country Friend" Chittaranjan Das.

Our Vision

To develop the poor, backward, destitute, weaker sections and vulnerable population of the both urban and rural Indian community on the aspects of socio-economic, health and environment.

Our Mission:

All programmes for the community, by the community, with the community. External support for the time being which would be supplementary, stimulatory and educative. To exalt the basic health, economic and cultural conditions. To encourage enthusiasm, energy, activeness, sincerity, commitment, dedication, creativity, innovative, hard work.

Our Values:

Independent, openness, collaborative, accountable, teamwork, honesty, fraternity, friendship, respect, liberty, kindness, transparent, morality, secular.

Our Funding Sources:

CWRC has been received of major fund from West Bengal State AIDS Prevention & Control Society, Govt. of West Bengal. Many individuals have generously given their time and money to help the people.

Our Objectives

To develop poor, backward, destitute, orphan, handicapped (Physical, Psychological social & economical) , weaker communities of both rural & urban areas of India by all means possible socio-economic cultural, health & environment, human animal natural resources develop, IGP, science,schools,colleges & hospitals etc.

Our Profile, credibility and validity:

CWRC was established in the year of 1989 and registered in 1993. It is an award winning; best practice; pioneering; well reputed; well accepted & appreciated; well managed; highly professional; highly dedicated & devoted; non political; non- religious; non-discriminatory: non- profit; never legally convicted; never black listed; having specialist qualified & highly trained activists; having valid registration certificates of W.B. Society Act 1961, FCRA, Section12A & 80G of Income Tax Act , PAN & TAN registered, Indian NGO portal registered as an  Non Governmental Organization (NGO).

We Providing with services of integrated community health and social development in the state of  West Bengal in India.  We have 24 years of service experience among the vulnerable backward neglected pitted hated exploited and victimized sex-worker including rural and urban poor people of India.  It aims at integrated community health development and research with the assistance of State and Central Government, donor agencies, individuals and well wishers.

Legal Status:

  1. Society(NGO) Registration number :
    S/75193 dt. 02/12/93

  2. FCRA Registration number :
    147110424 dt. 18.02.98

  3. 12A of income Tax Act Registration number :
    DIT(E)/S-31/8E/51/94-95 dt. 02.12.94

  4. 80G of income Tax Act Registration number :
    DIT(E)/1855 /8E/51/94-95 dt. 31.08.10 Valid up to 31st March, 2013.

  5. PAN of income Tax Act Registration number :
    AAAAC 2540E dated 02.12.1993

  6. TAN of income Tax Act Registration number :
    CAALC 05468B dated 24.01.2006

  7. PT of Professional Tax Act Registration No.:
    RWC 2657090 dated 31.12.2002

  8. Indian NGO portal registration ID number :